LASIKWelcome to our online LASIK Center! Advantage Eye Centers is dedicated to providing our patients with the best available refractive surgery care - the best techniques, technology, facilities, and most important, the best doctors and staff.

"Refractive Surgery" is a term used for several procedures designed to treat "refractive errors" such as nearsightedness, astigmatism, and farsightedness. These procedures attempt to alter refractive errors by changing the shape of the cornea.

Refractive errors are treated utilizing the sophisticated Excimer Laser technology to precisely sculpt the surface of the eye. Only a very small amount of tissue (less than the thickness of a human hair) is removed from the corneal surface. Around the world, millions of people have had this breakthrough procedure. Laser vision correction is finally available to the 60 million Americans who suffer from nearsightedness.

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