Our office provides complete health and vision examinations. Your eyes deserve the finest care you can give them. Our office is dedicated to assist in this noble work.

Having your eyes examined can be a pleasant, painless and satisfying experience. In our office we try our best to make it that way. We shall be happy to answer any questions you may have about your eyes, the examination, contact lenses, surgery and spectacles.

A typical examination

  • Complete medical case history
  • Retinal photography—photo documentation of the inside of your eye
  • Screening for eye diseases like glaucoma and cataracts
  • Advanced, diagnostic testing when indicated, for neurological, retinal disease, glaucoma and other diseases
  • Keratometry—a measurement of the curvature of the cornea
  • Refraction testing—what determines your spectacle prescription
  • Depth perception testing
  • Dry eye and eye allergy evaluation
  • Dilation (use of drops to open the pupil) when indicated and determined to be needed by doctor
  • Visual field testing—testing your peripheral vision
  • Use of highly technical computerized instruments to validate all test results.

Most of the above procedures or others will be preformed at your first eye evaluation. Your doctor will determine, based on your individual needs, what procedures will be necessary on subsequent visits.

{jb_code}Contact Lens Evaluations are not included in the eye health examination. Distinctly separate tests are required for contact lens evaluations.{/jb_code}

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